Daughter Project: Part 4

Daughter. She entered into my life small and helpless. She was the one who needed to be fed, changed, taught, disciplined, and loved. She always looked up to me to tell her the story of who she is, and she trusted my words, even on the days when I couldn’t hear it myself. Because there… Continue reading Daughter Project: Part 4


Daughter Project: Part 3

Daughter. She enters into the world with endless possibilities laid at her feet. We want her find her way, navigating through obstacles, praying that her path will be smoother than our own. And one day, we might see something amazing. A little sliver of me shines forth from her eyes. Recognizing a piece of my… Continue reading Daughter Project: Part 3

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Daughter Project: Part 2

Daughter. She trusts other women to tell her the story of who she is. Just today, my own daughters thought back to their childhood baby dolls, who have now been asleep for many years. Sad, my eldest said, I remember loving that baby doll so much. But it’s funny, mom, I can only remember the… Continue reading Daughter Project: Part 2

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Daughter Project: Part 1

Daughter. A simple memory from the past lingers on her tongue, wafts past her nose, and is set on the table to care for the family that now surrounds her. Whether it was grandma’s cookie recipe or the secret technique for lump-less gravy, she will love her own by remembering the recipes she was taught.… Continue reading Daughter Project: Part 1