Daughter: Our Story Remembered

IMG_4181Discover again, this time with your daughter, the old story of a beautiful identity – a story of love sacrifice, offering incredible comfort, and teaching life saving wisdom to everyone who hears. Your daughters will experience the story of their life in Christ accompanied by beautiful illustrations by liturgical artist, Hillary Asbury.

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Woman: The Forgotten Story

img_20170717_172755377-e1500679627558.jpgFor any girl, identity is important. The question of “who am I?” will haunt her every decision. Along the pathway of life, many will tell her a story of who she is. She might be lucky enough to hear the pure and simple truth, but more often than not she will be told to believe a variety of things. Consequently, both men and women have become confused, afraid, angry, or bitter towards the story of woman because, tragically, we have forgotten the ancient story spoken by God’s Word. This story offers incredible comfort, gives guidance, and teaches us all a wisdom important enough to save lives. From the creative voice of God, through the death of a Savior, to the walk of Wisdom, hear and remember the forgotten story of woman.

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The SINNER/SAINT DEVOTIONAL: 60 Days in the Psalms

sinner-saint-devotional.jpg“I maintain that no legend and no manual of devotion has ever yet appeared, or can, superior to the book of Psalms; and if a man wished either to read or to select what is best, both in example, in legend, and in history, he could do no better than adopt the book of Psalms.” – Martin Luther

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