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Daughter Project: Part 1

Daughter. A simple memory from the past lingers on her tongue, wafts past her nose, and is set on the table to care for the family that now surrounds her. Whether it was grandma’s cookie recipe or the secret technique for lump-less gravy, she will love her own by remembering the recipes she was taught.

I find it fascinating that so many daughters savor the lessons learned while baking and cooking. The tangible love that was poured into preparing a meal captured all her senses, and continues a story of taste, smell, and care for the generation that follows her.

These bite-sized moments have shaped who we are today, what we understand about our world and our place in it. This is a collection of special memories from daughters to celebrate even the tiniest piece of our identity passed down from generation to generation. Can you recall a sweet or savory piece of your story that has been given to you?

“My fondest memories involve cooking together. Either teaching my daughter how to make tamales or her teaching me a new dish she created. She is so creative and confident in the kitchen and it is so cool to watch.”

“Learning to cook with my grandmother. We made appointments after school for all of the family recipes that I wanted to learn. I was 17 and would be leaving for the military soon – on my own in the world. It was a special moment where we got to spend time together but also share in something sacred/unique to the women in our family line.”

“I remember my mom showing me how to shred the chicken for when she was making chicken tacos or chicken salad and she’d tell me exactly how shredded the chicken should be. It’s not a specific memory but I can think back and remember being in that moment with her and feeling super proud because I was able to help my mom.”

“It’s nice being able to replicate those moments that I had with my mom in the kitchen with my girls. Just the other day I was showing my eldest how to make rice and telling her how it’s important it is for to learn how to cook for herself and for her family one day.”

11 years old: “Cooking, the last time we baked cookies together I was learning about baking. We were doing it together!”

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