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Daughter Project: Part 2

Daughter. She trusts other women to tell her the story of who she is. Just today, my own daughters thought back to their childhood baby dolls, who have now been asleep for many years. Sad, my eldest said, I remember loving that baby doll so much. But it’s funny, mom, I can only remember the memories that you talk about.

And she remembers, because her story lives in my words to her. Encouragement, patience, a smile and a hug, her story remembered will continue to blossom even today. There will be hard times and scary situations, but what she will remember is the story you choose to tell her. This is a collection of special memories from mothers and daughters to highlight our story of patience, endurance, confidence and love. Do you remember when such a gift was given to you?

When my mother taught me how to drive. I went over a parking block and she didn’t yell or lose her cool. She showed me how to be patient in bad situations.

My daughter has taught me that regardless of how hard things get, you can never give up.

Teaching my daughter how to drive at 15. She was nervous and so was I but I gave her the space to go for it and I managed my internal fears. I believed in her and watched her build her confidence, make mistakes, and experience the total excitement of, “I’m driving!”

My mom teaching me how to dive into my grandmother’s pristine pool when I was probably 6 years old.

Watching my daughter on the soccer field because she was fearless.
My daughter at birth and grandmother at death showed me that love is what is most important.

Honestly never considered myself a very good teacher but I remember when my daughter was in Awanas, she memorized the 23rd Psalm and could recite it. I’m guessing I helped her with that a bit. She was just really good at learning anything she put her mind to. Not sure how much credit I can take for any of it. I would say I’m most grateful that I was able to teach her about God’s love and saving grace, hopefully she learned most of that by observing our lives. Also now that I’m thinking about it, I may have helped her develop an ear for harmonizing.

Of my mother it would be learning about religion, life, and how to cook and clean.

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