Daughter Project: Part 3

Daughter. She enters into the world with endless possibilities laid at her feet. We want her find her way, navigating through obstacles, praying that her path will be smoother than our own. And one day, we might see something amazing. A little sliver of me shines forth from her eyes.

Recognizing a piece of my talent, interest, or hobby captured by my daughter is an incredible revelation. Because it is here, in this moment, I remember that the greatest story of love, grace, and forgiveness in Christ not only affects me. It will be reflected in her story.

This is a collection from mothers and daughters who have seen their own reflection in another. What gifts, talents, or interests have you received from another or passed on to your daughter?

As a mother, teaching my daughters how to talk, walk, read, shop, drive, navigate through life, etc., and eventually perfecting basic life skills learned. Really, watching them both grow and learn, and continue to become a better version of me and themselves.

6 years old: “Piano, all of them. I like when my mom teaches me music… the sounds (like Old MacDonald, for example).”

I enjoy passing on crafts that my mother taught me to our two girls. Pinning and cutting out fabric and the feel of those tools in my hands particularly reminds me of happy moments with their grandmother when I was little.

I would say it would be passing on my knitting and crafting, which includes baking bread.

My most memorable learning experience as a daughter was when I was in 4th grade. My Mom volunteered to help do some activities with the “gifted” learning group of kids in my grade. There were about 5-7 of us who were pulled out of our regular class to go to a room and do activities. I don’t remember if any other Moms ever helped out with this but I felt so special that it was my Mom that got to do different brain teaser activities with me and my friends.

When I was little, probably 4 or 5, I remember my mom teaching me to harmonize in the backseat of the car on a road trip (to the song I’ve been working on the railroad). I had been singing since a person is capable but knowing how to enrich another person’s voice, being a part of music beyond myself, has been one of my greatest sources of joy and peace in my life

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