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Sunshine, Rainbows, and Screaming Babies

Every morning, a great light sparkles on the horizon. A downpour of warmth rushes over a dark and sleepy landscape. Sometimes covered by clouds, sometimes shining in solitary glory, the sun covers our planet with a predictable pattern that we almost daily forget. The sun continues to show up, lighting up the world even without… Continue reading Sunshine, Rainbows, and Screaming Babies

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Read You Bible Better

Everyone can read, but does everyone understand? We see it every day. Person after person read these same words but believe these words mean totally different things. Bible believing Christians faithfully arm themselves with beautiful words of scripture, but end up fighting on opposite sides of the spectrum. How does this happen? Is there a… Continue reading Read You Bible Better

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Revelation is the Scariest Book in the Bible

Revelation is the scariest book in the Bible, says almost everyone. I just mentioned the word to my high school Sunday school class, and life long, baptized-as-a-baby Christians shuddered at the name. I asked if anyone had actually studied the book before, and two kiddos who grew up in other church traditions sheepishly raised their… Continue reading Revelation is the Scariest Book in the Bible