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Revelation is the Scariest Book in the Bible

Revelation is the scariest book in the Bible, says almost everyone. I just mentioned the word to my high school Sunday school class, and life long, baptized-as-a-baby Christians shuddered at the name. I asked if anyone had actually studied the book before, and two kiddos who grew up in other church traditions sheepishly raised their… Continue reading Revelation is the Scariest Book in the Bible

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Coffee Cup Theology

Sometimes I find it comforting to tuck a little Bible verse away, you know, one of those that you can pull out when you are having a bad day. I have even Google searched bible themes before, like “comfort” or “patience” just so the eternal wisdom of God could enlighten my specific situation. Just yesterday… Continue reading Coffee Cup Theology

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What’s Wrong with Woman’s Bible Studies?

A Bible study can have many purposes, there are many fascinating avenues to study in the Scriptures. But a study about women being good, righteous, and perfect is nonsense unless it tells the story of Jesus Christ.