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Reclaiming Our Children’s Identity

It’s nothing new, we all have felt the war between what we know is true from the words of God and what the culture says is good and right. Most of the time though it doesn’t affect us directly, usually it is just those other people out there doing something we totally disapprove of. But… Continue reading Reclaiming Our Children’s Identity

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The Stone is Rolling

The stone is rolling. Teetering on the edge. Where once it was secure, placed by the fingers and hands of the Almighty Creator, fixed in its place. Where it once was separated from the waters, the sky, and the soft earth. Where it once was part of majestic mountains that hovered, that threatened. Where it… Continue reading The Stone is Rolling


When Christmas is Over

Mountains of colored paper, wrinkled and ripped, pushed behind the aging tree. Yesterday’s sparkling lights now highlight the dry needles, littering the floor where the presents used to be. Imprints of bows crease the useless frayed ribbons hidden beneath that pile of past promises. That once exciting horizon of a joyful Christmas has quickly darkened… Continue reading When Christmas is Over