No One

No one is righteous

No one is righteous

No one is righteous 

Not even me. 

So why do I think I am.

Why do act like I am.

Once upon a time

I wanted God

to think I was the one


But then I was honest

No one is happy

No one is bold

To ask real questions

Of their own self.

I just deleted

36 words.

Things you should know

But I should not tell you

Because, I need a redeemer

much more than you know

No one is righteous

Not even you.

But that’s what you’re counting on


Just like me.

We are not more clever than God.

But it is my hobby to think I am.

Don’t we all

Create god-kingdoms and ring-turns for the sake of our glory 

Not His

What is my name?

Mother of all the living?

Mother of all the dead.

Can you claim life-name with such past

And still be forgiven?

This is not a game

This is not a test

This is not a lie

I wish it were

I’d like to lie my way out of the hard place

I’d like to charm my way out of responsibility

But I was made to fight.

No one is righteous

Not the fighter, not the winner

No one is righteous.

Not the boss nor the server

The mother nor the child 

The president nor his speech

The writer nor the reader

We just revolve around our own unrighteousness

There is not even one

The pastor nor the victim

The grandma nor the infant

There is no one

Can you find one? When there is not.

Not the teenager nor the teacher

Not the preacher nor the pew

There is no one

Not even one. 

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