gospel, lament, poetry, promise

What If I Believe Too Much

That you would love me ever. Even if I went astray. Wander through the darkest caves. Not far enough from your reach. Black to white there’s nowhere lost. And you won’t lose me.  What if I have steadfast trust That you would call me always. Stalking never tiring of reaching for my hand. Even when… Continue reading What If I Believe Too Much

love, poetry

Heaven’s Sickening Seed

Sweet song of heaven calls from above Weighting freighting the glorious clouds Soaring out pouring out she tastes the sky Ambitiously swallowed that deep song of love Clouds remain still unmoved untouched Majestic impressionistic Mighty Fortress Proudly loudly the meter resounds Vexed soil and breath reach out to clutch Swooping wind on the in-between Descending… Continue reading Heaven’s Sickening Seed