poetry, wisdom, word

Say the Truth

What is the truth?

That the Gospel doesn’t change you, clean you, mean you

will feel any different

But the truth is

It will push you, thrust you, disgust you

About you

And you will be the least.

Say the truth

Which you can’t speak

So you won’t say

But every day it plays

On repeat

In your head and heart

Your soul and mind

But you won’t find the button to unwind it

But you will certainly hear and hear and hear

Unspoken speeches

That you should say


Far away


Pulsing in the silence

Say the truth

You won’t

I won’t 

Even if

It’s what our lips 

were made to do

Taste the pure

Lick the promise

Tell the true

But I can’t tell you

What to do

When I won’t do it 


Say the truth.

Truth is

I can’t change my life

Say the truth

Truth is

Words have helped me hide

Say the truth

Truth is


Won’t admit 

The real truths

So what is truth?

You had to die.

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