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For Those Who Dig for the Gospel

There are no other words quite as precious as forgiveness. They are discovered deep in the dank depressions. Dirty, smelly, crusty covered in the slime of sin. Buried under years of ignorance, months of misunderstandings, hours of self-righteousness, they are trampled upon as each day passes. We will probably step right over them, looking to… Continue reading For Those Who Dig for the Gospel

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Knowledge: Bondage or Freedom?

Knowledge will set you free. So we believe. Our jobs, our relationships, our future, our faith, if we just know enough about it all, where is is going and what it all means, then everything will turn out all right. If we don’t find ourselves taking that wrong turn down the path that we thought… Continue reading Knowledge: Bondage or Freedom?

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What If I Believe Too Much

That you would love me ever. Even if I went astray. Wander through the darkest caves. Not far enough from your reach. Black to white there’s nowhere lost. And you won’t lose me.  What if I have steadfast trust That you would call me always. Stalking never tiring of reaching for my hand. Even when… Continue reading What If I Believe Too Much