creation, poetry, women

Finding Lilith

Losing since her first breath

In a place of nowhere

Untouched alone and quiet

Eye to eye, thigh to thigh

What did she have to know

To wander from that sound

Choose was is or what could be

Playing happy, weren’t you happy?

Where did she have to go

To find a place of meaning

Unbalanced off the center

Dancing in the moonstruck shadow

Who lost this mystic lady

Missing from the place prepared

Heart, soul, pride, mind, god inside

It was all the same outside

Sifting words and thoughts

Wondering if any place could hold

Cultic songs and mystery

Incantation phantom signifieds

Freezing in the light of day

Releasing in the warmth of night

Virtue lying, leaving, dying

Fruit no sweeter than desire

When did she decide

To choose a greater passion

A swoon towards inspiration

Creation making wholer, bolder

But the center wouldn’t hold

Spinning sideways under

Unstable the foundation

Caught up by what was written

Mourning a creator

She let her hands say something

Shouldn’t let them do that

Creation making crafting, laughing

How was that so wrong

To feel and cry and not ignore

How does pain create things

Sterile happy ignorance

Where can she now go

Wilderness is what she knows

Consigned to barren deserts

We say it’s for her good

Where will you find her

Chosen path to nowhere

That’s where she’s made to be

That’s how he’s made to love her

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