Lucky Stone

Stones on her path, always wanted to touch them

But always just wandering, running right past

Smooth, hard, she finally did it one day

Reached out with her fingers, velvet soft

And took for herself. Just this once.

She could throw it in the ocean

Skip it over the waves

Break the boundaries of endless waters

To watch it sink

To watch it fade

To watch another hope die

Why would she throw it

A child who is built to destroy

For a moment of splashing explosion

It was tempting

It was reckless

It would be gone in a second

But what would a stone do for her

Warming her palm, filling her fingers.

Capture her attention

Was it what now saved her?

A lucky charm

A serendipitous attraction

A smoothed stone, that she couldn’t throw

But she should

What’s the logic in keeping such a weight

Pulling at her pocket

Heavy in her grip

Memory and doubt

If not this one

She would carry another

So why not?

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