creation, men, women

Dream Eaters

It hurts. The Hunger.

Hunger. Your hunger will be for, toward, against, movement, limit, direction


Hunger for. Her. 

Hunger for. Him. 

Hungry. However, never satisfied. Longing. Thinking. Drooling. Escaping. Running. Separating. Fighting.

Hungry. For another. To devour him. Eat his spirit, his dreams. Eat his soul. Eat another. Taste his flesh. 

Hungry. For his blood, for his sweat. For his purpose. For his time.

Hungry. By the forbidden food. For the forgotten bread. 

That she took. She gave. She ate. He ate. 

The flesh. Is now devouring himself, herself.

So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was a delight to the eyes, and that the tree was to be desired to make one wise…

She took. She ate. She gave. He ate.

The curse of the female. Of one built for another. Pain and limits. She can’t escape the strivings and cravings. She can’t be other, denying her creation.

The curse. To desire. To hunger. And not be filled.

Also His curse, that he will be hungry. Thorns and thistles. Eaten all the days of his life. He will work and sweat towards his purpose. He will try to make ends meet, but will end up destroying everything. Eating his own dreams. By the end.


Thrust a finger. Into the ground. Should have been softer, wetter, deeper, but nothing but dust. Layers of liars, where the seeds wouldn’t grow. Scattering, planning, planting, sewing, But it didn’t matter. Labor rendered useless. Where the plants won’t grow.  

Traced a finger. Down to her ankle. Because it was quiet, and she was alone. It was the silence now that called her to listen. Layers of desire. Under un-satisfaction. He was toiling. She was waiting. Again. He was busy. She was hungry. Again.

Cursed to be hungry. To want. What they didn’t want before. Hungry. For more.

And he will rule over. Her. How she spends her hungry days. How she waits for him, empty in the moments. He knows. He can feel it. That he can’t always feed her. But he can rule over her. That he knows.

That she knows. Or fight against. Her hunger is contained by the man. And he contains her. With a look. With a word. With a fist. Not everyone does it the same way. But it is the same outcome. She is hungry. He cannot satisfy. But he can rule. And so he will. 

How do you satisfy the hunger? When she can’t be filled. When he won’t be filled by her. How do you satisfy the hunger? When she must take, give and eat. How do you satisfy the hunger? When she works against him. How do you satisfy the hunger? When you’re starving for something that is not yours. When the pit of your stomach is craving and yearning you know he will take. And eat. And he should not. And neither should you.

How do you satisfy the hunger? When the bread of survival tastes so very bitter. Do you look for another? Do you search for that fruit. Do you reach for the sweet. Is there a time, that you must satisfy the hunger? Before it devours you. What kind of excuse? Are you waiting for? For something to eat.

She took. She ate. She gave. He ate.

They weren’t hungry until after they ate. And now we cannot conceive. Outside of the feeling. Outside of the hunger. We cannot go back. We cannot dream before. The hunger. 

So, now we must eat.

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