poetry, sin

I Like Her

Chatter and aching

Building and breaking

Too deep to find, detect or settle

Shouting and hushing

Constructing and crushing

At nighttime, morning, and in the middle

Rumbling under my calm smile

Pulsing with a liar’s bile

Unsatisfied and yearning

Rebellious and returning

Hands and heart, mind, body, soul

Itching and self-abused

Unable to resist the muse

Consequential life-destruction toll

Long-lost hours of fragile peace

Locking away this famished beast

Wanting and needing

A murderer and heathen

Truthful identity concealed from the mirror

Denying and ignoring

Apathetically deploring

This wicked traveler should cause me terror

Emboldening me towards certain death

Enticing me to abandon rest

But I really like her

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