Midnight Speaks

Weighted breath lashing the dark and the light

Drawing in colors and shades and glares

Licking up clarity, contrast and bright

Drinks the sweet evening shadow

Laying down cool touches warm soft earth

Wine drunken bed spread all over the sky

Sprinkling her ink into meaningless verse

Inhales the unspoken release

Veil smooths over exposed unrestrained

Wider she opens to revel in the still 

Fingerprints whispered stimulate and remain

Overwhelming the eternal empty

Midnight tastes deep bittersweet mouthful

Black silk sliding under over her tongue 

Passionate visions bound to blank paper dull

Biting on delicious impracticalities


Lightening air waking hovering by east

Smothering blanket over exhilarating rest

Warming and burning interrupting the peace

Choking out mesmerizing moonlit glow

Dim grabs and gasps and holds her last breath

Blistering dawn mocks her vulnerable poem

Enlightened decrees only lead to death

Exhale, expire my dear shadow

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