Lasting Love

Taste the light. buzz. little doses. slow drip addict. it was fun. now need the fix. the tocking ticking digits. and guts can’t stand the empty. need another lick. Click.

Can’t remember. his sad sound. her fresh curls. under the comforter, not comforting. dark, hiding, in the hole of sick. vomit and heart, replaying the start, and the end. solitary cinema on a jersey feather pillow. sick. Click.

Images. imagination. imaginary friends. attending the sick. who are you. real or fake. characters typed into imagined space. or real space. stars and comets, beyond the break. of heart, of time, of duty. safety. un-traced, in real space. 

Everyday. it returns. to the space before the fix. taste the drug. light the buzz. replayed regret. redemption. salvation. high soaring. cold trick. 

Where are you. Click.

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