lament, love

On the Road to Nowhere

On the road to nowhere. Uncertain destination inspires quiet to think. Watching the horizon speed by just beyond the window. Enjoying the beauty of that world beyond and left behind. Eyes following the shoreline as far as you can see in both directions. Remembering vastly different beaches, sand and rocks, waves and seaweed. On the road, not stopping, racing past the singular beauty of each place.

On the road to nowhere. Considering the mighty clouds stretching over those endless waters. Stoically watching, barely breathing, hovering over the ever-changing mood of the surface. Day and night, light and dark the Mighty clouds fill the eternal heavens. Unmoved by the chaos and calm underneath. Untouched by laughter and tears from below. Unaffected by the seconds and years crawling through the silt.

On the road to nowhere. Breathing in the stagnant air of now. An arm, a leg, resting still upon the familiar seat. Aching back paralyzed by the position that was chosen too long ago. Protected from the destructive wind, terrifying speeds, reckless sunshine. Impossible to break out from the safety harness. Guarded securely behind a dirty windshield. We will speed onward, without even realizing it.

On the road to nowhere. I thought of a place where we might have crashed. Your hand not touching mine. Stolen looks, not enough reasons to say something more. Burning conversations just passions of sounds. Electric atmosphere enlightening attractions. Closer with every word, but never a sensation on the skin. Exciting and young and forgetful, passing any destination.

On the road to nowhere.  Had to start somewhere, and it had already begun. How do you know when it’s the wrong way, or if it ever is? Glancing over your shoulder, so many things you probably knew, but moving forward to know better. Driving away, as far as the east is from the west, to maintain polite and proper distances. Pass by and wave, recognizing those familiar eyes that always pierced your soul, from beyond. Hazy visions of a forgotten place, that possibly never existed. Should have been easy to keep up the journey, driving, speeding, quiet and content under the watchful clouds. 

On the road to nowhere. The unrealized yesterdays are the tears of today. A route that shouldn’t be remembered. Because how do you go back. Driving along the coastline, even the most beautiful beaches have eroded over time. The path that once was, has been covered over by the prompt and faithful tides. And how do you go back. To the unremembered conversations. To live with un-kissed tears. To ignoring we are still driving on the road to nowhere.

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