Creator of the Moment

Does life choose and create your circumstance

Or do you choose to create your life.

Content and peaceful, life will create you.

You will not change You will not be inspired to choose other.

Until you must create.

Standing up to the Creator. Are you His hands or His contender

You take life and shape it. Discontent you make life your own

Or you take it and life is fading. Discontent you make it seem fine

The challenge the boredom. Does it keep you or drive you far.

The hard path made easy, or the easy made hard. To sleep or to walk, stay or away

And when it all changes. In the middle. The purpose and reasons. 

Or when it never changed, from the beginning. Just hindsight and boldness.

Enemy or Ally. The great Creator the great Consigner the great Designer 

Did you fall. Did He choose. Did life change. Didn’t you see.

He wants to teach you something meaningful

Or you want to find meaning in your choice

What does your choice ever amount to. When His purpose is done in spite of you. 

What is your purpose worth if life chooses and creates your circumstances.

Unless you create, you choose, you live with your consequences

Consequences or circumstances.

Choice or consignment 

Who is the creator of the moment.

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