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For any girl, identity is important. The question of “who am I?” will haunt her every decision. Along the pathway of life, many will tell her a story of who she is. She might be lucky enough to hear the pure and simple truth, but more often than not she will be told to believe a variety of things. Consequently, both men and women have become confused, afraid, angry, or bitter towards the story of woman because, tragically, we have forgotten the ancient story spoken by God’s Word.

Discover again this old story of a beautiful identity, a story of love and sacrifice. Uncover this story of new hopes and amazing dreams, that are actually real. This story offers incredible comfort, gives guidance, and teaches us all a wisdom important enough to save lives. From the creative voice of God, through the death of a Savior, to the walk of Wisdom, hear and remember the forgotten story of woman.


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