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Sunshine, Rainbows, and Screaming Babies

Originally posted on Every morning, a great light sparkles on the horizon. A downpour of warmth rushes over a dark and sleepy landscape. Sometimes covered by clouds, sometimes shining in solitary glory, the sun covers our planet with a predictable pattern that we almost daily forget. The sun continues to show up, lighting up… Continue reading Sunshine, Rainbows, and Screaming Babies

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What Men Can’t Say

Originally Posted on It was only the beginning of a fight. She said. He said. But it turned ugly when she said too much. His anger flared, and his voice got louder. She stood her ground and said so much more. They felt the pulse of the evening race out of control as their… Continue reading What Men Can’t Say

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Another Christ-less Christmas? 5 Minute Advent Devotion

MARY Magdalene, John 20 Originally posted on It’s only a week away. Baking, wrapping, and packaging. Mailing, singing, and giving. Parties, church services, and family dinners. Frantically running, exhaustedly buying, tension and family stress is building. Everything is pointing to that final day, December 25, when we will culminate with cries of Christmas joy.… Continue reading Another Christ-less Christmas? 5 Minute Advent Devotion

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Her Unbelief, His Light: 5 minute Advent Devotion

MARY, sister to Lazarus, John 11 Originally posted on An emptiness dug a pit in her stomach when she remembered the face of her brother. He had a crooked smile when he had teased her, but he always followed with a strong, loving hug. He often defended her and made sure his sisters were… Continue reading Her Unbelief, His Light: 5 minute Advent Devotion