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Inspiring Conversations with our Kids

Originally posted on Each teenager told their own story by their posture in the little church library chair that Sunday morning. Proud, comfortable, shy, sleepy drooling over a cup of coffee, all were present and in their own way eager to have the conversation. In our Youth Sunday School, some were just learning the… Continue reading Inspiring Conversations with our Kids

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Warming Light: 5 Minute Advent Devotion

There is a light that changes everything. When it is dark and cold, just a little spark ignites hope. Instead of a black and formidable reality, there is comfort seen on the horizon, because this little glow of light is the beginning of a warm, bright fire. It is no wonder a family gathers around… Continue reading Warming Light: 5 Minute Advent Devotion


Guiding Light: 5 Minute Advent Devotion

Originally posted on Wandering around in the darkness, I wish I knew the way to go. Every once in a while, I see a glimmer of light and I run towards it. I know what the light looks like, but I don’t always see where to follow. The tiny spark is sometimes so very… Continue reading Guiding Light: 5 Minute Advent Devotion

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Exposing Light: 5 Minute Advent Devotion

Originally posted on Imagine you are sleeping. The room is completely dark and quiet. Your body is completely still. You even have a little drool dripping out of the corner of your mouth onto your pillow. As far as you know, everything is going just fine. You are resting in a dreamland, not thinking… Continue reading Exposing Light: 5 Minute Advent Devotion


Daughter Project: Part 4

Daughter. She entered into my life small and helpless. She was the one who needed to be fed, changed, taught, disciplined, and loved. She always looked up to me to tell her the story of who she is, and she trusted my words, even on the days when I couldn’t hear it myself. Because there… Continue reading Daughter Project: Part 4