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Looking for the Lamb

Exodus 12:1-27 “Why is this night different from all other nights?” the child asks. The golden twilight feels heavier than usual. Father ties up his sandals hurriedly, and mother paces looking out the front window. Dustier by the minute, neighbors and friends suddenly stir up the narrow streets with suspense. Bleating little lambs, anxious shouts… Continue reading Looking for the Lamb

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Ancient Easter Joy is for the Children

It’s not Christmas. The neighbors haven’t plastered their home with Easter lights, nor has the Easter tree been trimmed with ribbons and bows. The little children don’t bubble with excitement in quite the same way. The grownups don’t stay up late shopping and preparing for the long-anticipated Easter Eve. It’s not Christmas. Rather, it is… Continue reading Ancient Easter Joy is for the Children

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Inspiring Conversations with our Kids

Originally posted on Each teenager told their own story by their posture in the little church library chair that Sunday morning. Proud, comfortable, shy, sleepy drooling over a cup of coffee, all were present and in their own way eager to have the conversation. In our Youth Sunday School, some were just learning the… Continue reading Inspiring Conversations with our Kids


Daughter Project: Part 4

Daughter. She entered into my life small and helpless. She was the one who needed to be fed, changed, taught, disciplined, and loved. She always looked up to me to tell her the story of who she is, and she trusted my words, even on the days when I couldn’t hear it myself. Because there… Continue reading Daughter Project: Part 4


Daughter Project: Part 3

Daughter. She enters into the world with endless possibilities laid at her feet. We want her find her way, navigating through obstacles, praying that her path will be smoother than our own. And one day, we might see something amazing. A little sliver of me shines forth from her eyes. Recognizing a piece of my… Continue reading Daughter Project: Part 3